Thursday, December 23, 2010

Celebrating Christmas after Loss

With two days to Christmas, I am afraid I have a few more senseless acts of kindness to complete, including the letter to Daniel I place in his Christmas stocking each year since his passing.
May this holiday provide enough time for some of the grieving we all need to do a little at a time, for a lifetime, coupled with the joy and the hope that we really do all see each other again, in Heaven, and that our joyous reunions with loved ones and with God, will be worth all that was endured during our "field trips to Earth". Merry Christmas everyone.

Here is the letter to Daniel so far...

Dear Daniel,

As you may remember, with so much to say in 2008 when you had to go, I wrote you a letter to place in your Christmas stocking. I thought, that surely, our loving God would let you know what was in it. Since then, on each Christmas Eve, I have written you a letter, placed it in your Christmas stocking, and then after the holiday, put it in your scrapbook. This year is no different.
Gosh I miss you and Papa Lawrence more than I can ever tell you. Dad and the rest of the kids do too. I know you had to go to God, and I work really hard not to be upset but sometimes I am anyway. As you probably already know, Stephanie got a good job, and it's about time. She graduated in 2009 and hasn't really had a good job since. The economy is not great and although Adam still looks, he has not yet found that great job. Matt is having some trouble academically in college. I know, what a shock ! He is so bright, but I don't think he ever had to work and study to the same degree the others had to, and consequently, he may not yet know how. I am working with him, but whatever you and Dad could do in terms of encouraging him would be great. J. is doing his best to be himself and still be the youngest child. He is very respectful of your memory and for this I am grateful. The animals are all doing well, and I know you have the ones that passed after you. I wish you and Papa Lawrence had not had to go.
This Christmas, I must tell you that I love you wider than the universe, and more than all the stars. Your spirits are both welcome here, anytime God allows it.

Much love always,


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