Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shopping In Dream before Christmas

I have told you in the past that I occasionally get what I believe are visits in dream, from Daniel or Dad, and rarely people they knew, or that I knew as a child. Last night though, there was a rare visit. I dreamt that my mother who passed in 2007, made a dream visit so that we could go Flea Market Christmas shopping. I was driving, and she sat next to me in the passenger seat of a new Volkswagen Passat I don't own yet, and I don't actually have plans to own , while I drove to the apparently hyped "Super Flea" in a place called Buckingham. (Which to my knowledge, does not really exist.) We never really arrived there, but the benefits were the stops we made along the way, and the conversation we had as we travelled. My mother died in 2007, and prior to her passing, we experienced a several year period of estrangement....probably due to her illness which impacted her memory of us. She was a very private person, who successfully kept her age from her children until the end of her life. She came from England, and sounded as if she were simply visiting from there even though most of her life was spent in the US. She had a remarkable and long life, and in an era where women did not have high ranking jobs, she did. She married late and had children much later than women of her era, and looked good enough and was fit enough that no one knew it. She was the master of her own affairs and my sibling and I did not know of her banking, legal and other personal practices. She ultimately chose a friend with whom she was fairly newly acquainted, in the last year of her life to be her executor, and this did cause some bad feelings.
A great deal of the information my mother passed last evening was private and she would not want it shared here, however, she does say that she spends the time that she watches Earth watching my sibling and not me. She has some level of confidence that I am ok, and that others watch me. She enjoyed the shopping trip as we used to make, and said that shopping with me are among some of her happiest memories. She also said that any misunderstandings between us are forgotten, and are "simply reduced to drops of water which have now fallen into the Atlantic Ocean", and she said it exactly that way. I awoke feeling a little better able to meet some of the days challenges.

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