Monday, December 20, 2010

On Finding Meaning

Daniel's own small tree, his last Christmas with us.

Our Christmas tree, the last Christmas Daniel was with us.

Daniel,at five, and Rakshi

As you might guess, this is a difficult time of year for me. I am probably doing best when I post the least, and the flurry of posts here lately must mean that my soul cries and reaches hard to find meaning in a supernatural separation from Daniel, and also from my father, at very nearly the same time. Many times people ask me what Christianity means to me, and of course, this cannot be explained in an extruded or concentrated blurb, but I think that right now it means to me that there is purpose in all the things that happen here on Earth. When someone survives a terrible trial of some is for a reason. When our Savior was crucified, it occured for a greater good, and on a personal level, when Daniel was called, instantly without complaint of not feeling well, one one beautiful backlit autumn day, that despite the pain and loss of our family, that it was somehow to bring glory to God, a destiny for Daniel, and good to the planet on which we remain. I think Christianity,among other things, is about finding the terrible torturous execution of what some believed was a man, in the losses and horrors of our own world, and in the untimely calling of Daniel, for God's own purposes. Christianity is about faith. Nothing less.

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