Friday, December 17, 2010

A Song

Many years ago, when I was in my late teens and lived in the New York area, I worked as a recording artist. I did well, especially for someone so young, often too young to know how difficult, and how dangerous some of the aspects of the popular music business were at the time. It's a shame that the popular Christian music business we know today did not exist then, or perhaps I would not have decided to go to college, to be an RN, to have a back up plan. I had planned to mix both, but very quickly a fulltime job as a nurse, a marriage and a family filled my life, and I have no particular regrets, at least in that regard. Still, being a singer songwriter has served the parent, and the nurse in me well. There is nothing as valuable as singing a capella to a dying child, which I have done as a nurse, several times,and nothing like singing a favorite song to your father while he is dying. It has also served to allow me to pen some fantastic personalized answering machine tunes over the years.
From time to time, I therefore post a new song I find somewhere simply because I think it's a clean recording, a strong songwriting effort, and good work over all. This is one of those songs.
It also reminds me a bit of grieving. In families everyone grieves at a different speed, and therefore cannot always understand one another. This song really can touch on this type of disconnect too.

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  1. Alexandra, Thank you for posting to my blog. Your son was clearly brilliant light in the world. The Dan Hill & Liz Rodrigues video was very powerful.
    May your life be full of blessings this holiday season and always!


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