Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Silver Sportscar

Sometimes I don't know what is simply life, simple synchronicity, or a direct and intended message from Daniel. In the past week, my son Matthew was home for Spring Break from his college. He and I went out on the one nice Spring day we had this week. We went out to buy something he needed and I took him out to lunch. We left the farm mid-morning, and we found ourselves on an empty stretch of interstate highway. A few minutes leter, a silver sportscar appeared from almost nowhere, passing me, and pulling in front of us in the right lane. Their license plate said, "(heart) you more".
I hadn't processed what a painted heart in front of the personalized plate "you more" meant, when Matthew said, "Mom, isn't that what Daniel always used to say ?" I had almost forgotten. Whenever I said, "I love you" or "I love you SO much", he would always respond, "I love you MORE". With that, the silver sportscar shifted again, and sped out of site, despite my momentary effort to keep up.

Written by: Jim Brickman and Jack Kugell
Performed by: Jim Brickman (piano) Martina McBride, vocals.
Producer: Dan Shea

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