Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Karen

I realized today, quite accidentally, that March 2 was Karen Carpenter's birthday. I met Karen and Richard once, I remember well, on August 5, 1973 or 1974. (I was either fourteen or about to be fourteen) at Allentown Fair, in Allentown, Pennsylvania where they were performing. She looked thin but well at the time and seemed to be drinking Pepsi for energy that day. They really were musical trendsetters, and really should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
I still remember where I was when I heard, on the radio, that she had died. I had recently purchased a first home, and was driving from our new house, to a hardware store for hardware in order to hang pictures. It was years before I knew the entire story. She experienced a cardiac arrest in a bathroom and was discovered first by her mother. She did not respond to CPR. How ironic that twenty five years later, I should find my own young son, in cardiac arrest, in a bathroom, who does not respond to CPR. Daniel did not have an eating disorder, but it hammers home the fragility of heart rhythm, and the fragility of our lives on Earth.
In honor of Karen's birthday, I am including a song she did independently, which is not well known, and is clearly a departure. Karen, I wonder if you could do me a favor, and spend some time where you are with my Dad and with Daniel. They both know of you. You are still very much remembered here on Earth,even by those you met, only once. Happy Birthday.

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