Friday, March 18, 2011

An Open Note to Daniel and Dad

Daniel and Dad,

I know that you and Dad said in a dream, that I did not have to figure out a memorial to you both, that what I should do with my time remaining on Earth, would gradually become obvious,or at least, clearer. Dad, you have also said, that you would manage "our business in Heaven", which I take to mean our family there, if I will manage our family and interests on Earth. I try to remember this. This blog has been a help to me. You would not believe how many people log on, how many people write me privately, and how you have both touched the ends of the Earth. We routinely are read by people from Indonesia, Russia, Iran, France, Italy, Switzerland,Portugal, Iceland, Germany, New Zealand, China, Japan, Hungary,Poland, Croatia, Israel,Australia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, Finland, Sweden, Taiwan, Panama, the Netherlands,the Czech Republic, Serbia, Ukraine,the Phillippines, South Korea, and many others. Daniel, I thought we had discussed everything on Earth while you were here, but we hadn't. We had never discussed that your eyes show central heterochromia. Your eyes are so beautiful, and you are so talented in so many ways. I just told you that you had beautiful eyes. Interestingly, the post on heterochromia, where I show examples and discuss it and its implications, is our most frequently consulted post on our blog. It seems also that grief and loss are felt and are universally understood by everyone in the far reaches of this blue planet. For now, I am trying to call attention to the need for screening children with an EKG, possibly periodically through life, in an attempt to detect potential defects in QT interval, or the presence of Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome,or other arrthymic syndromes with an eye to catching and treating these children in order to prevent what has parted us. I miss you both so much. Daddy, perhaps if in medicine, we had been better versed in arrhythmia, the arrhythmia you held for 30 years, would not have weakened your heart, and worn in out when it did. I do these things for each of you.
Daddy, today as I used the Ladies Room in Lowe's, I remembered something I had not remembered for many years. When I was very small, perhaps 3 or 4, we stopped at a gas station so that I could use the bathroom. We used the one men's small bathroom, and while I did, the door lock jammed from the inside. I was very scared that we could not get out. I remember how calm you were and how you told us we would be fine and we would get out even though the walls were brick and the door was metal. I hold on to that feeling today. I know you are ahead of me with Daniel, and that I will ultimately, get out of this room, and join you both, after my time here and my work, is done.
I love you both always, and thanks for watching all the animals there with you for me also !

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