Friday, July 27, 2012

Daniel, We Are All Still Here

                               (Photo at our farm, by our daughter, a professional illustrator and photographer, Copyright Krehb Fotographie, 2012. All rights reserved )
                This is a young doe and her twin fawns who visits the front yard of the farm rather regularly. She and her prancing fawns will actually come up to our windows periodically and look inside. This year, a fair number of does here have had twin fawns.

      This morning, we are reminded of how beautiful the world can seem from the farm.  This is the place that Daniel lived almost all of his time on Earth, except for his first two years or so, which he spent in a suburban home.   There is always something to notice and study here.  It's either a dust devil or a tornado, an earthquake,  or a group of wild turkeys, or a donkey which escaped from distant neighbors, a fox, or a coyote.
       Daniel, we are still here, remembering your time here, and watching the natural world, just as you did.  I somehow feel connected to you in continuing to see the animals who brought you so much joy. I would imagine Fawnie, the fawn who was orphaned here, is with you, or available to you to see now.    We miss you Dan, but we are still here, still remembering, still being who you knew us to be, and still holding on to you.

I remember that this was one of Daniel's favorite videos

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