Wednesday, July 18, 2012

On Momentous Occasions

The occasion of our daughter's buying her first home has been momentous indeed.
   Following Daniel's unexpected passing, there have been many momentous occasions in which his absence was palpably felt.  I think the first was the Christmas just after his passing.  The second was our daughter's  graduation from the university.  It seemed so strange not only to have my Dad not present for this milestone, but to have Daniel missing from it as well.   In a way we "felt" their presence there. We noted two empty chairs just behind us in a full coliseum. I did photograph them, but the pictures strangely did not come out. There have been numerous occasions in the last almost four years in which this loss is palpably felt.  I try to focus on the kids and family members who ARE here in the flesh.
                    This week, at long last, our daughter closed on her first house. She is extremely fortunate to have found and been able to buy this nice rural home.  Daniel, if he were here on Earth would be over the moon about it.  He would love the pond, the forest, and the field.  He would love the new house itself and would want the guest room prepared for him so that he could stay over with her, especially the first few nights that she is there.
                    I went with our daughter to the closing at her attorneys office, and it was unusual in that it was incredibly smooth and easy, and was attended by the her realtor and the mortgage banker.  In a strange way, I felt not only Daniel there, but my Dad as well.  I would rather have both of them here, in the flesh, but I do understand, that each of them look in, and they know what is happening, just as I know that God is a fixture in all of our lives as well.

This is the type of room in which many real estate closings occur.

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