Saturday, July 21, 2012

Remembering Colorado in Prayer


Jessica Redfield was an aspiring journalist, sportscaster, and  sportswriter, and was known by this name professionally.  After narrowly avoiding last month's Toronto shooting, Jessica was killed yesterday in the Colorado Movie Theater Shooting. She is remembered as a loving and wonderful daughter and friend, who enjoyed every moment of her life to the fullest.   She was also  known as Jessica Ghawi.

      One of the things I remember most about Daniel was his compassion for all people, and for wide varieties of situations.   Our family, and I am sure Daniel and my father, would wish to send support, love and condolences to the families impacted by the Colorado Theater Shooting, in Aurora, which occurred yesterday.   Thus far, twelve people have been killed, and seventy people injured as a mentally ill former Phd student dressed as "The Joker" and opened fire on families who came to see the midnight matinee of the latest Batman film.     Although Colorado does have a concealed weapons permit, (CCL program), the theater was part of a "gun free zone" and therefore, there was no one capable of returning fire and limiting the attack.   Please pray for the families who have been impacted by this act.

<<      Heavenly Father,   please be with those who lost children, be they adults or small, and others, in the Colorado Movie Theater attack.   Please be with those who have been injured, and help those around them to say and do the best things in order to help them through such a difficult and frightening time.  Help them to feel your love and support as they meet some of the greatest challenges they will ever meet in this life. Please help them to feel our prayers.  In Jesus name we pray.   Amen. >>

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