Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Unclear Dream

This is similar to the car my mother was driving, only it was new, and she found it easy to drive.

      I know I have mentioned that in the past, I occasionally have dreams where I believe that Daniel, and my father sometimes communicate with me.  Early this morning I had a dream and I have not yet made sense of it.   For some reason unknown to me, in the dream,  I was producing a play using British children.  It wasn't a particularly good play, but it was wildly popular in the original, and it was felt to be a good experience for the children. Although I was hopelessly unqualified in every way for this task, except in being a parent,  I began.  The task was difficult. The children were much brighter and more articulate than I expected for their ages, and culturally knew different references than I, so when I was trying to communicate, I was not doing well. These children did not know the references from television I described, and they knew programs of which I had never heard.  When I offered to get candy or sweets at the end of a particularly difficult day, they asked for sweets, also of which I had never heard. (This was odd too, because I really do know all my British sweets, having been a connosieur while at school outside London.)   At the point at which I began having trouble teaching and guiding the children and their acting in the play, we took a break because my parents were arriving to help me with this task and see how we were faring.  My mother came in a dark vehicle with 1940s styling, although the vehicle was new.  This is interesting, because she passed in 2007, and in Heaven, as someone who never enjoyed driving, I would think that she would have someone drive for her.  My father drove in separately in a large black SUV, a style I had never seen. I was unsure as to what it was,. The vehicle turned out to be a cooperative hybrid project of a Mercedes-Benz and a Land Rover. I thought my Dad would have borrowed the car to visit me, but as it neared, I saw a Princeton sticker in the glass, not because he attended Princeton, but honoring his contributions to them.  This is interesting because both of my parents fought the culture of cars. My mother owned a car until her passing, but did not enjoy cars much. My father also found them a nuisance.  In fact, my father lived somewhere for the remainder of his life where he could use wonderful public transportation in the form of buses and trains,  and even ships in the harbor when he travelled great distances.   As they each  neared, I was excited, because I knew one of them brought Daniel with them to see me, although the dream ended before I did see him.   The place where all of this occurred was the Bantam Shopping Center in Mendham, NJ in the 1960s ,now known as the Village Shopping Center.  I haven't been to Mendham in years.

This is the shopping center I referred to, which is also known as "The Village Shopping Center".  This is one branch of how it appears today.  Interestingly, my parents were visiting me in the Village Shopping Center as it appeared in the 1960s.

               I have no idea what this brief dream really means.  It is likely not to be about drama or plays, because I have one aunt in Heaven who was a successful British actress, and she would have been qualified to help with my task, and we are quite close, so I suspect, this is about something else with which I am having trouble.  I don't know what this is about, but the only message I get is, "We are behind you, and we would even rent or drive cars to come and see you, in order to help with the tasks you have left to do".  Perhaps all it was, is an encouragement. I will graciously receive encouragement in these times, any way I can get them !

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