Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Different Kind of Independence Day

This is the American flag used following the attacks on the US, by the television program, "Jericho".

              Daniel loved Independence Day.  You can look back on our prior blog posts, which I have listed below,  for each Independence Day since his passing, and see my related memories of prior Independence Days with him, and a running total of how we have spent those holidays since Daniel's departure from Earth.  Daniel also believed in honesty,  and so I will have to provide some of that too, in his honor.

              This is likely to be a very different Independence Day from the others.  A bit more than one half of the Eastern portion of the United States, including Texas and all the way to Illinois, were hit by a series of storms and tornadoes about a week ago, and there has been severe grid damage.  It is so bad, that many offices in DC have been closed for the entire week and even crews from Ontario, Canada are here to help to restring once new poles are installed.   Our own utility company in Virginia says this is the worse damage in this state at any time since we had power. Also in Virginia, they have stopped repairing neighborhoods and are focusing on the grid portions which supply hospitals.  Nursing homes are simply being provided with generators by Virginia Dominion Power.   One of our insurance agents is living in his office this week, because it, at least, has power    The remaining Western parts of the United States range from troubled to engulfed by really serious wildfires.  These fires have burned thousands of acres and hundreds of homes.  These have been the worst fires in the history of Colorado.   So, because fire departments are stretched on both sides of the country, fireworks have been prohibited in many municipalities.

             This is also a difficult Independence Day for the United States for other reasons.     We are in the home stretch for at least the first term the presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.   During his tenure, Mr. Obama has done a great deal to dismantle Constitutional freedoms in the name of a nebulous "right thing to do".    He also managed to force through a Nationalized Health Plan which is neither defined, or possible to fund. It is also known to be opposed by most Americans, who wanted some access issues improved in health care, but did not wish a sledgehammer taken to US medical care.   Mr. Obama has also provided over the worst economic conditions in the United States since the first Great Depression of the nineteen thirties, and although he cannot be held responsible for all of it, he bears responsibility for the last four years of it.   His administration has funded the green energy products of companies who quickly went bankrupt, and took the invested funds of the American people with them.  He could not have run the country into the ditch better, if that were his clear intention.  He also has ruled using Emperor edicts, which he calls Executive Orders, which I have listed, one by one, several posts ago.   Certainly Mr. Obama is not the first president to use them, but he is the first president to use them so frequently while completely bypassing  Congress whenever possible.   We also have our US Attorney General Eric Holder held in contempt of Congress.  Also this week, we endured the Chief Justice John Roberts providing an opinion in which he did not strike down Obamacare as unconstitutional, despite the fact that almost every Constitutional scholar says that our government cannot force us to buy any goods or services whatsoever......not low fat mayonnaise, not health insurance, and not an American made car.   Yet, Justice Roberts did what he is never supposed to do, he folded like a cheap lawn chair to political pressure, likely from the White House, and pronounced Obamacare not as simply unconstitutional, but as a tax, something the Obama administration denies.

             The US Federal Reserve, which is a series of banks which helps to smooth the ebb and flow of the money supply in the US has lost its mind.  It prints money in order to head off an economic collapse, when all that "quantitative easing" is known to do is to fuel inflation.
               Corruption and ineptitude, greed and graft have reached all the way up to the the office of the President and his minions, to the "independent"  Federal Reserve banking system, and now to the Supreme Court,   Please pray daily for our nation and its people.   It appears that we are not much better off than the people of the television series Jericho.   The future for our nation, and our freedoms is bleak, the leaders have their own peculiar agenda, and the people, many of whom are handicapped by an abyssmal educational system, are afraid to write to them.  Many of the  young people seek diversions and watch celebrities on television instead.

    We have some fireworks here. We are expecting a storm tonight, but after the rain, we may let a few off, and watch them very carefully.  I wonder where I can get the Jericho-styled flag ?   Perhaps following all the internal attacks to our government and our way of life, this is the correct flag after all.

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