Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Sometimes, we only have a limited view of the things which happen in our lives. We can only see immediately beyond the door, with a limited view of the road outside this home, and we can't see all the way across the greenery to the ocean. We also have no idea from this picture, what else is going on before and after the area shown in the picture.  Life is just like this.  Much more happens in life than what we are able to see and to understand, and yet,  it goes according to His plan and not our own.

       I ran a few errands today.  I went to my allergists appointment in the city, a distance from here.   This was the last physician to examine Daniel before his passing, and I remember so clearly what an excellent job he did on that last visit.   Once again, there was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong with Daniel before his sudden passing, almost four years ago.   Todays visit was a pleasant doctors appointment, an awful lot like visiting an old friend.
               Daniel would not like our focusing on his passing at every turn.  Although he wouldn't want us to sit in a denial bubble pretending that it had never happened, he would want us to salvage what we could of life, and do the best we could to enjoy the time which remains for us on Earth.  He would be tickled pink that so many people around the world know of him, and of his journey to Earth and what happened here when he got here, and then got called home on an apparently urgent matter.  Daniel always had incredible wisdom, even from just under two, when he could talk.  Daniel would likely say that everyone on Earth is important to God and that all of us live in Biblical times, and that there is much to learn from every life that comes here to Earth.    Once again, I try to focus on his life, and that life we made afterward, and not the loss and the emptiness of having lost him so suddenly, and in such a seemingly unusual and almost magical way.
                We send love and best wishes to all of you today.  Those who are worried about challenges to come, those who are in the midst of challenges now, and those who are dealing with the aftermath of something.  Challenges of one type or another eventually reach us all.

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