Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Miss My Boy

I know that Daniel and Dad are safe at home with God. I know that God manages the things I cannot, but I also know that the moments and time seems long to me before I see them again. I am once again rethinking how my son could possibly have had something which killed him, almost before my eyes,and that I had no indication of anything being wrong. How good a Registered Nurse, and how good a college professor could I be?  I had just finsihed discussing cardiology conduction before the break in which I spent two weeks with Daniel before his passing. I still don't understand how that could be.
Pathologists believe that Daniel passed from Long QT Syndrome, but he does not have the genetic markers for known Long QT. This does not mean he did not have it, just that Daniel may have markers which have not yet be detected and described as markers for long QT. The Mayo Clinic continues to study Daniel's case.I hope that I was as interesting an instructor and as matter-of-fact as the professor in the clip below.

A British medical school professor discusses Long QT Syndrome

The Drugs to be Avoided by Those With Congenital Long QT Syndrome as she discussed are found at:

Added by me, and sorted by US brand name:

This is an online tool for recording your medications for your physician, pharmacist and any other doctors you may see:

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