Friday, July 8, 2011

"Tosh" Revisited

As you might remember, a cat in a carrier, named MacIntosh, attended Daniel's funeral. The cat sat listening as if he knew why he was there. Some months before, Adam, a friend and I struggled to get a kitten caught in the engine of a new car at the post office. It took hours but thanks to the owner of the car, who allowed Adam to remove parts, liberate the cat and then reassemble parts of the engine, the kitten survived and went to live with friends of ours. Daniel loved the cat, , but could not have one because he was allergic to them. A couple of months after Daniel's sudden passing, a friend of ours gave us a kitten as it closely resembled the cat Daniel loved so much which came to his funeral. Since the first cat MacIntosh, nicknamed Mackie, this new one was to be MacIntosh II, or "Tosh". The idea, according to our friend was that this new kitten would grow up, live a life, and when he passes, would become Daniel's cat in Heaven. I did not have the heart to relate that I too am allergic, so I take my Claritin daily, and sometimes my nose itches and burns. It actually was a sweet gift and the cat has become a farm favorite. Tosh enjoyed his kittenhood here. He has been spoiled by everyone and for the most part, is a sweet and intelligent addition. He was originally supposed to spend his kitten months in the house, and then move out to the barn, which is very nice, where he would patrol. Tosh did not want this. He is a luxury cat who enjoys serenity, peace, and decidedly indoor life. He will not be a barn patrol cat. For awhile we wondered if he would be able to remain in the house because he was a little hostile at times. He had a problem with "misplaced hunting" and would attack the back of my legs as I walked through the house in a sundress or flowing skirt. Fortunately, he abandoned attacking us after being neutered.
Tosh really has been a great addition to our home. He seems to have the hypnotic ability to make us drowsy and take a midday nap when we are home. "Daniel's cat" is a treasured family member now. He remains spoiled and cuddled just as Daniel would have spoiled him. The pictures above are recent ones taken by our daughter.

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