Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sorrows from Norway

The island site of the Utoya Camp shooting in Norway

Dad and Daniel,

I know that you read these posts and know what is going on around us and on Earth also. I don't know exactly what you both do in Heaven, but I know that each of you are busy and that you have consuming tasks you do for God. As you likely already know,on Friday, a 32 year old man, who is likely deranged, was part of a bomb plot which killed people in a government building in Oslo. Afterward, he dressed as a policeman and took two weapons and arrived at a holiday island which was hosting a camp for young people. Over one and a half hours he shot teens and others as they tried to get away from him. Some were even shot as they jumped in to the water to swim away. In all, the death toll is said to be about 91 with five people still missing, as of the moment of this posting.
I realize that have been lucky in this life in that those I love did not depart from Earth as the result of a willful or malicious act. Each of you passed naturally, even if Daniel's passing was mysterious. Our family did not endure the violent taking of our loved ones. We are sending our prayers for the families of those who have lost loved ones or their children to this senseless act.
I will not state the name of the 32 year old man who committed such a vile and senseless act. He would have to be insane to believe that attack and killing of teenagers would in any way improve political conditions in his nation, and even if it did, no genuine God fearing person of any faith would kill children who had no manner of protecting themselves. Violence begets violence.
I will pray to God, and do what I can here to comfort those who remain on Earth, and if you each could do whatever you can, I would be most appreciative. I know that the veil between us in thin sometimes, and I look forward to these times and these messages. By the way, I got the message about the back door. The frame and the door was significantly reinforced today. Thank you and I send love from those of us who still dwell on Earth.

This amazing song from Adam Young (Owl City) from his blog

I believe that Daniel knows his work, and likes his song "Fireflies"


I am noting a marked upswing in the number of people logging on to this post from Norway.
Please know that my family and the people of the United States send their prayers and deepest condolences to all of you in Norway, during this time of incredible loss and turmoil. We send special condolences and prayerful support to those who have children or family members in this terrible act.

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