Saturday, September 10, 2011

Earthquakes and Aftershocks

We received a glancing blow from Virginia's 5.8-5.9 earthquake depending upon whom you ask, but we did not receive the brunt of the damage which occured within the county of the epicenter, which is Louisa County, Virginia. Louisa County has thus far received 82.2 million dollars worth of damage to homes, schools, and roads, and this does not include the damage which occurred afterwards in aftershocks of 2.1-4.2 for weeks afterward. The true costs cannot yet be known, although we are all very grateful for no deaths having occured as a result of this seismic activity. Several wells locally have been destroyed. Most people do not have a separate earthquake rider on their insurance because earthquakes are not commonly felt to be a hazard here. There is a house just a few miles from here that was a lovely two story brick home. It now has multiple cracks in the brick all around the house, and the owners have not been permitted to enter in the event that the building itself collapses.
We are lucky that we lost canned and jarred food that smashed when the pantry threw its contents across the room, and lost glassware, and cloisonne. Our well water was muddy for a few days following the quake. However, our inconvenience and losses are nothing compared to many of those nearby. Please pray for those who are being challenged by this earthquake and also for those who continue to try to forge a life following the Great Eastern Earthquake of Japan.Stay safe everyone.

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