Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nova Scotia Memories

The view from the sea vessel "The Mar" as we enjoyed a jaunt in Halifax Harbour.
We highly recommend a cruise of Halifax Harbour anytime. The crew was professional and the cruise was not only fascinating and restful, but also a fabulous value.
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"The Silva", Halifax Harbour, September 1,2011
Copyright Krehbiel Ind. 2011

My husband photographing the ocean waves after Hurricane Irene
Copyright Krehbiel Ind. 2011

Baccaro Point, Nova Scotia, Canada
Copyright Krehbiel Ind. 2011

Despite the continuing aftershocks, and the Hurricane Irene, my husband and I completed a combination personal business and vacation trip to Nova Scotia. The experience is too much for one blog post, but we highly recommend Nova Scotia for a peaceful vacation, at any time of the year. We had an exceptional time photographing all the boats and ships in Halifax Harbour when we rented a boat with a number of others. We also spent time in Barrington Passage,Shelburne, and Bridgewater.
Our grown children and J. did well back at the farm, even as aftershocks continued, and they weathered Hurricane Irene well. Hurricane Irene was disruptive to our two connecting flights to Nova Scotia, even just in the outer bands, but we did arrive without too much disruption. Nova Scotia is indeed a beautiful and spiritual place. More about the different aspects of our trip, another time.
Mom and Dad finally got away on a trip. Daniel would have loved this place, and somehow, I think he and my Dad have already been here, and are smiling at our finally seeing it.

The crew of "The Mar" played an Adele disc during our cruise.


  1. Thankyou. We highly recommend Nova Scotia as a vacation destination. It's very safe, There are not a lot of people there, so there are almost never waits to see things there, and most costs are reasonable compared to many other vacation destinations. There are lovely waterways, waterfalls, and much natural beauty.


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