Sunday, September 25, 2011

Notes from Nova Scotia


My husband stuck on a rock when the tide came in quickly.

Photographs Copyright 2011

I had promised to talk about our holiday to Nova Scotia a little bit when I got a chance. The trip to Nova Scotia was not a simple vacation. It was clearly a multi-purpose trip. We needed to go there first to protect a business interest of ours, and also for a much needed holiday. While we were there we found the most glorious place within walking distance to a lighthouse, with a cemetery overlooking the ocean where we are considering placing a granite stone monument to my father, who loved the sea, and at one point in his retirement actually gave tours through lighthouses. Part of me thinks that Daniel would also like his ashes scattered there, but then, he loved the farm. In dreams, this is not a concern for either of them. It is only a concern for me, which explains why almost three years after their passings, I have still not scattered their ashes.
Nova Scotia is a beautiful place. My paternal grandmother's family lived in Nova Scotia when some of our ancestors went there from Scotland when the British were colonizing. There are abundant waterfalls, oceans and lakes everywhere, and lots of places to visit for those who love the natural world. We did spend some time in Halifax, which is a lovely city, but I did not see much evidence of a night life. So, if you are like me, and love natural beauty, nice restaurants, peace, romance, and nice people, then it is a wonderful place to have a reasonably priced vacation. It is subject to the same difficult immigration laws which cover all of Canada. It is a great place to visit, but a difficult place to emigrate, probably in part because there are not many jobs there. It is however, a beautiful and mystical place.

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