Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reminders of My Father

These photographs were taken in early September 2011 in Shelburne County, at the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia. Copyright 2011 Krehbiel Ind.

My father was a world explorer and seafarer from the 1940s onward. He tried hard to stay on land and be a "regular husband and father" while I was growing up, but the sea always called him, as it did his Nova Scotian and his Scottish ancestors. Eventually, as I readied for college, he returned to the sea as a head ship's radio-electronics officer, where he enjoyed his work, for the most part, until long past most people's retirement.
I suppose it is natural that following a trip to Nova Scotia, that I would dream of him. Last night I dreamt that my father was fine and was pleased about our trip. Daniel was not with him, but this somehow did not feel strange. This morning as I search for a message in the dream, all I really get is that although he is gone from Earth, his consciousness lives, and knows what we do.

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