Friday, January 6, 2012

Can You Find Missing VCU Student Ian Burnet ?

Ian Burnet, age 22

An additional picture of Ian, whom, in this particular picture looks facially, a little bit like our Daniel

Our Daniel had planned to attend Virginia Commonwealth University's Kinetic Studies Program. He was interested in creating computer video animations for both educational and entertainment purposes. Despite the fact that he was 12 1/2 when he passed, he already was doing so. Academically, he was ready to attend a local college, and then produce a portfolio which would have transferred him into VCU. He would have been our third child to graduate with a degree in fine arts from VCU. Sadly that was not to be.
For this reason, I am particularly concerned about families who have sent their children to VCU, and are missing. With 34,000 students and a decentralized urban campus, this happens far more often than we would like to think about.
Twenty-two year old Ian Burnet is from New Kent County, in Virginia. He is a junior at VCU, and is a student within good standing at the School of Engineering. He and a friend went to New York City via bus on December 30, and Ian has not been heard from since. Police here in Virginia state that "No foul play is suspected", but friends say that this is uncharacteristic behavior for Ian. Police indicate that Ian has not used his cell phone or his credit card since that day and that he was last seen in New York City at about 139th St. and Riverside Avenue in Harlem. We are praying for Ian's safe return.

Ian Hunter Burnet, 22, is a white male, reportedly weighing 160 lbs. and standing five-foot, 10-inches. He has brown hair and green eyes.
Ian graduated from New Kent County High School in 2008. He is currently a VCU student, studying electrical engineering, computer engineering, mathematics and physics.
His LinkedIn profile indicates that Ian is a software engineer at Sonoco Packaging Company.
Ian's older brother Jamie has said that Ian's travel companions said that Ian walked away from them. He left his computer, phone, wallet and all his money, ipod, According to The Hudson Reporter.Com, it now appears that Ian may have had his $20. Metro card, his ID, and his jacket with him. Jamie also indicates that Ian, like many university students, has had a history of depression.

If you see him or have any information, please contact:

NYPD either Detective Sanchez or Det. Davis, or Sgt Greene at the 30th Precinct 451 W 151st St. 212-690-8842.

Yes, Caleb Chapman is the group name of Steven Curtis Chapman's adult sons Caleb and Will.

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