Monday, January 23, 2012

She's Looking at Houses

Most of the homes Stephanie is looking at are small homes with a yard. Most are in fair condition but need work following either the earthquake and continued aftershocks or following damage which occurred in association with a foreclosure, or foreclosure aftermath.  Some of the houses have been empty for some time, which can also do damage to electrical and plumbing systems as well as HVAC systems.

     Daniel and Dad,       It's been a busy week.  The economy continues to deteriorate in many parts of the country.  In our rural area, foreclosures have finally come.  The banks here had been holding on to their repossessed homes, waiting for an upswing, but now that no upswing has come, they are letting them go.   This has created some unusual opportunities for someone like Stephanie.   Normally, I could encourage any child of mine, after a year of working after college to continue saving for a home, and perhaps in this economy,. stay here at home with us, save every dime, and perhaps even pay cash.  However,  a few of the available repo sales this week have made us sit up and take note.   One was a lovely small brick home, with a lovely yard, but in Stephanie's preferred target area, only ten minutes from work. It had lovely built in bookcases and the oil heat you liked so much, Dad.  It sold before we could get an appointment to see it.   It seems that those with cash often grab the properties before anyone else can get there.    The second one is probably the deal of the century, but it is far larger than is rational for Stephanie, and a far worse commute in winter, and requires some repair and maintenance following the earthquake, that Stephanie probably can not and should not,take on.  I have to remember here that what would have been right for me in the eighties when I bought our first house, is not necessarily right for Stephanie who has different likes and dislikes and goals than I do.   This is also an emotionally bittersweet time for us for another reason.    Daniel, do you remember that when you were smaller, you used to say that when Stephanie bought her first house that you would move in with her, and take one of the bedrooms and keep her company ? I used to tell you that you couldn't do that, and be amused by it.    That day is soon upon us, and how I wish you were here, and even had the option of living nearby with your sister, even once in awhile, or on weekends.   It would have been fun for both of you.
         Dad,  I understand you better now.   There is a tight line to walk.  Our children must be ready to do for themselves, and maintain the things they buy by themselves, and yet somehow, we must tell them of our own experiences and let them discover what is valid about our thinking on the subject, and what is less valuable now, in an economy and mortgage market which is so different from the one just a few years ago.  I did not always understand when you left certain things to me, and you hung back, but now I do.  Thank you. Thank you for having the courage to let me find my way.  I do things differently than you, because I am dealing with a different era and different children, but I hope I handle supporting them through this with the same wisdom or threads of the wisdom that you have.    Wish Stephanie luck and wisdom in making good choices in these decisions.  I love you both......yes, wider than the oceans and deeper than the seas.

One of the homes we looked at yesterday was an older geodesic dome.

There are lots of homes available in Virginia, often with serious issues.

Other posts, dealing with the house she eventually buys later in the year, can be found at:


  1. Hi, I found your site when I jumped from GrahamForeverInMyHeart. I am so sorry for your loss. I've enjoyed some of your writing and have a similar plan of a book length story. Just to let you know that links to other content in your blog are not working.

  2. Susan, Thank you for your kind words. I am checking all the links from this page. Best wishes.


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