Monday, January 30, 2012

More Messages Which Came in Dreams

No longer dismissed as folklore, NASA has plenty to say on coronal mass ejections for 2012.

I was really only joking when I speculated that the increase in coronal mass ejections from the sun (CMEs) and all this bombardment of Earth which is heightening the aurora borealis (or Northern lights) phenomenon, and causing it to be seen in places such as Northern England, Scotland and Ireland, might be heightening psychic reception or messages in dreams from those who have passed.  I am beginning to wonder if my joke has any truth to it.  As you might know, particularly if you have kids who follow astronomy, this week the Earth has been bombarded by the largest coronal mass ejection since 2005.

Lee Billings, who is an astronomy reporter over at Popular Mechanics has written some great information.

     "A geomagnetic storm produces dangerous electrical currents in a manner analogous to a moving bar magnet raising currents in a coil of wire. When a CME hits the Earth’s magnetic field and sends it oscillating, those undulating magnetic fields raise currents in conductive material within and on the Earth itself. The currents that ripple through our planet can easily enter transformers that serve as nodes in regional, national, and global power grids. They can also seep into and corrode the steel in lengthy stretches of oil and gas pipeline.
On October 29, 2003, power grids around the world felt the strain from the geomagnetic currents. In North America, utility companies scaled back electricity generation to protect the grid. In Sweden, a fraction of a CME-induced electric current overloaded a high-voltage transformer, and blacked out the city of Malmo for almost an hour. The CME dumped an even larger mass of energetic particles into Earth’s upper atmosphere and orbital environment, where satellites began to fail because of cascading electronics glitches and anomalies. Most were recovered, but not all. Astronauts in low-Earth orbit inside the International Space Station retreated to the Station’s shielded core to wait out the space-weather storm. Even there, the astronauts received elevated doses of radiation, and occasionally saw brief flashes of brilliant white and blue—bursts of secondary radiation caused when a stray particle passed directly through the vitreous humor of the astronauts’ eyes at nearly light-speed.
Flares and CMEs from the Sun continued to bombard the Earth until early November of that year, when at last our star’s most active surface regions rotated out of alignment with our planet. No lives were lost, but many hundreds of millions of dollars in damages had been sustained.
The event, now known as the Halloween Storm of 2003, deeply worried John Kappenman, an engineer and expert in geomagnetic storm effects. The Sun had fired a clear warning shot. Its activity roughly follows an 11-year cycle, and severe space weather tends to cluster around each cycle’s peak. The Sun’s next activity peak is expected to occur this year or next, and the chance of more disruptive geomagnetic storms will consequently increase".

           The electro-magnetic effects of CMEs are well known within the scientific community, but decidedly much less has been written about any biological or even psychic effects so my mention of this is squarely within the realm of total speculation.   I mention this because, my husband, who has never acknowledged a visitation dream from Daniel before, reported one in the middle of the night last night, and remembered it enough to discuss it this morning.   Tonight, I am up, having had a dream from my father.  In the dream my father had provided tools to me and told me to hold on to them.  He also told me that if I could not keep my potassium levels in check then this would be the last time that I would be able to manage atrial fibrillation without a cardiologist, and that I should line one up now, rather than using an internist to manage it.   He was talking to me despite the fact that in the dream, the different types of tools had been mailed to me. Apparently, something either needs repair or certainly will soon.  There are those who believe that human consciousness is expanded during periods of coronal mass ejections, and who am I to doubt this ?   We are electrical creatures by virtue of the electrical conduction systems of our hearts, the electrical systems of our brains and by the hemoglobin and iron in our blood.  Would it really be so amazing if changes in magnetic fields due to coronal mass ejections, altered us, as electrical creatures,  as well ?

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