Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dawn Steele Welcomes Baby Daughter Coco

Dawn Steele,  with daughter Coco, born in London on November 9, 2011.

       Some time ago, I mentioned that Daniel's favorite actress was Dawn Steele from her work in "Monarch of the Glen".   I also mentioned that Dawn and her partner Scottish actor Paul Blair had their first child due in November.  I cannot tell you how many fans of Dawn's have written to me since asking for new or updated information.  This week I actually wrote Dawn's agent for information, as everyone was a bit worried that we had not heard.
             Dawn gave birth earlier than expected, on November 9th via caesarean section. It sounds like a good drama for film or television, all by itself.   She was filming "Wild At Heart" in South Africa, when she developed placenta previa.  (Sometimes, particularly when there is a low placental attachment, the normal outlet can be blocked.  Placenta previa can also result in hemorrhage. Although this can be a fatal complication for both mother and baby, most of the time it is managed well if one is in a place where modern medicine exists, and a woman and her doctor have access to an equipped operating room, and access to blood and blood products are available  (.In the UK, this may be written as placenta praevia)   My own mother experienced placenta previa when I was born also.   Dawn was flown back to England in a hurry for bedrest and furthur evaluation in the hopes that she could still deliver naturally.   It eventually became clear after multiple episodes of bleeding, that Dawn needed a caesarean section.  As is sometimes the case in placenta previa, she required blood transfusions for really significant blood loss afterward.  This is likely why we did not hear for such a time.  As in the tradition of many families ,on the other side of the pond, Coco has three names before her surname, she is Coco Christie Mary.
             Dawn must be doing quite well now, and must be well on the way to having corrected any anemia, because she is anxious to get back to filming her series in South Africa, with Coco in tow.  She did quite a few press related appearances on January 6th and really looked fantastic and very well recovered.   Dawn's partner of five years, Scottish actor Paul Blair, is Coco's father.  They are engaged, but wedding plans will likely need to wait until they are each employed on the same continent !     Congratulations Dawn and Paul.   Please take care of yourselves, and little Coco, and enjoy this special time, which passes so quickly.

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