Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Collapsing Closet Interiors

Very similar, though larger than our own walk-in closet.

   The continued aftershocks from the 5.8 earthquake in August do make a difference. We saw evidence of the effects of the frequent shakes today.   In the master bedroom we have a large walk in closet with built ins for shoes, hats, scarves etc.  The closet interior collapsed this morning, placing all of my clothes hung on multiple poles in various piles on the floor. The shelves also fell leaving quite a mess.  My son Adam helped me to gather up the mess, and he did his best to redo these, and place the metal and wood poles up, and to re-anchor everything better than was done originally.  He had James come and help him hold things as he anchored them with power tools.  One of the things I keep in the walk in closet are Christmas presents, and although those were all given, there were a few stocking stuffers that I couldn't find that must have been on a shelf somewhere, and they just didn't make it into stockings last year.  One of those things was a wooden copperhead snake with absolutely realistic markings, cut in such a manner that it also moves in a realistic way. I bought one of these at a toy store for James in November.  Adam set up electric drills and other tools, and together we removed all the clothing.  I was out in my room rehanging the clothing that had fallen onto hangers, and all at once, I heard Adam, jump and say, "Whooooaaa !"    The wooden toy snake was on the floor and just as advertised, it moved, scaring the daylights out of Adam, who actually jumped out of the closet !  We could not stop laughing because in winter, a copperhead snake in an interior closet would be extremely unlikely.  With Adam, James and I laughing so much, we were reminded of the times when Daniel was here, and we all laughed quite a bit.  The re-anchoring and repairs held through this mornings mild quake at about 6:40 am.  I still have an awful lot of closet cleaning, and reorganizing to do following "The Great Walk-In Closet Collapse of 2012".
The snake above is likely made by the same company as the one I have, which so clearly has perfect copperhead markings.

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