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Ian Burnet Still Missing : URGENT

Ian Burnet is a 22 year old Virginia Commonwealth University student who is missing from New York City where he was visiting just before New Years Day.   This picture was taken on Christmas Day, 2011.

As Ian might appear unshaven or bearded today.


A jacket just like this jacket is said to be missing from his luggage. He may be wearing it.

Taken this summer, also how he might look

This provides information about his posture and build
 UPDATE:  January 17, 2012
    Police have created a "tip line" at:
There is still no additional information.


UPDATE:  January 11, 2012
NYPD has completed a second search of the apartment building in which Ian was staying. Nothing unusual was found.   Secondly, the Metrocard that Ian purchased with his credit card was used on the day he disappeared to enter Northbound Train Station Number 1..  Whether this was Ian using it or not, is not yet known.  NYPD is collecting the video from the appropriate locations to look for him.    Police have indicated that Ian ALLEGEDLY has a history of attempting suicide by taking pills and ingesting alcohol, and therefore it is particularly important that he is found and receives help. IF this information is in fact true, then we need to accelerate our efforts to aid him. His parents were apparently not aware of this. This young man has been an honor student and lived independently and functioned socially extremely well, for years.



I had no idea until the last couple of days when working on VCU student Ian Burnet's disappearance, how many people are missing. When you can, take a look at

This is information and an index of missing adults in the US. There may be someone you know or have seen, who is actually a missing person.

This morning I had a wonderful and inspiring e-mail from Ian Burnet's mom. Like most really strong mothers, she is thanking people who are helping with trying to disseminate and gather information about where Ian might be. She is working hard and remains positive. Ian's brother Jamie and his father remain in New York looking for him, and giving interviews to television, radio, newspapers and generally keeping this case alive in the minds of New Yorkers.

To recap what we know as of this date, Ian Hunter Burnet, is a 22 year old man who is 5 feet 10 inches tall and about 160 pounds. He might appear younger than his 22 years. He is very bright. He took a bus to New York City and was staying in Harlem with friends before New Years Day. The last contact Ian had with his parents was on December 30, 2011 when they received a text message.His last communication with his roommate at VCU was that "He wasn't having a particularly good experience in NY". He is believed to have his ID, and one credit card with him, although no charges have been made on it beyond that date.

If you wish to, you can download pre-made sheets with Ian's picture and information for shop windows, bulletin boards, telephone poles etc.

Copy the link here:

I can't get Daniel back to Earth, but it's possible that the Burnets can get their son back to them. Please help this family locate their son. If there is anything you can do to help them avoid a loss, such as the one which occurred to our family, please, do it. Help Ian to go home. Thank you for any help that you can give to this fine family.

Ian could be in New York, or he could be in New Jersey, as he has relatives in Jersey City.  He may also be trying to get home to Virginia, or to VCU.  If you see Ian, or someone who looks like him:

Please contact NYPD either Detective Sanchez or Det. Davis, or Sgt Greene at the 30th Precinct 451 W 151st St.   212-690-8842.


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  1. So sorry to read about the loss of Daniel. I will keep Daniel and your family in my prayers.
    You posted above that you didn't know about the amount of missing adults. I didn't either until about a month ago. It is very odd and I wonder if we all shouldn't be very careful.
    please see-


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