Friday, January 13, 2012

Popsicle Toes

"Popsicle toes"

"Tiny tasty toes" especially good for our own version of "This Little Piggy".    Daniel knew "This Little Piggy" very well when he was small but though it was funny when I did our very own version, which went like this, "This little piggy went to Wendy's, and this little piggy when to Burger King, and this little piggy went to McDonald's, and this little piggy went to Shoneys, and this little piggy went to _______(insert whichever restaurant we have last visited.) and ordered _______(insert their latest special) and had an upset stomach and had to run all the way home !   (It was our way of discouraging too much fast food.)

   I gave in. I decided to get a small kit of Revlon "cover the grays" for the small grays that are emerging from my temples and from the part in my hair. I didn't want to ruin my clothes or spill any of the colorant, so I stood there for the requisite ten minutes, almost naked, in my bathroom, before showering.  I dropped some of the coloring on clothing I had in there anyway, so I really should have just kept warm. Following my lengthy shower afterward to rinse all of the colorant out, I was freezing.  I am now warmly dressed, but still not quite warm yet. I remembered something Daniel used to do when he was small.  Daniel used to like to pop into our bed on a cold morning, and announce "Popsicle toes !"     "Oh my Gosh !" I would say, as he would warm them on me, or on my husband. "How did you get so cold ?!" I would ask.  Daniel, like most young people, could tolerate being really cold without being uncomfortable. When normal people would wear a sweater or a warm coat, Daniel would skip a sweater or wear a lighter jacket than was wise.   We used to argue about this a fair bit. "Why do I have to put on a sweater because YOU are cold ?" he would ask.  I miss those "popsicle toes !"  As cold as I am this minute, I would love his putting his feet like ice on my legs to warm himself.
When he was very very small, I used to pretend to bite his toes and I would call them his "tiny tasty toes" and he would squeal with delight as I would pretend to want to gobble them up.There are so many wonderful joyous memories of him. I hope I always remember them as clearly as I do today.

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