Sunday, January 15, 2012

No New Leads in Ian Burnet's Disappearance

    UPDATE:   January 17, 2012
   Police have created a new place for internet tips:

 There is no additional news otherwise.


   As of two hours ago, according to the family of missing engineering student Ian Burnet, there is no news.   Ian, a Virginia Commonwealth University student from Richmond, Virginia travelled with friends to New York City just after Christmas for a brief holiday prior to starting again at VCU in the semester which would ordinarily begin in a couple of days. Ian was last heard from via text message on 12/30, and has not been seen since. Complete information can be found at:
           Interestingly, although Ian is an honor student at VCU, the university has made no attempt to notify its students via e-mail or via their website regarding this man's missing status.  Perhaps 34,000 students plus saw something or have some theories.
            Ian was felt to be a travel savvy and careful  young man. This is an excellent time to begin a conversation with your own kids of this age, concerning "filing a flight plan". Each one of us, including myself, should leave a brief synopsis of where we plan to be going and when we are returning in the event that our car breaks down, or we become ill somewhere.  I don't know that in Ian's case this would have made an incredible difference, but it does raise this talking point with our kids for whom it really might.
            Prayers and best wishes continue for Ian's parents, Mark and Nancy Burnet, and for his brother Jamie and for all the cousins.


  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your Son. My prayers are with you and your Family. What a beautiful tribute you have built here to honor him. I have not read everything but I plan to sit down soon and read about your remarkable family.
    I want to thank you for keeping Ian's name and pictures out there. It means so much that you would take the time out to do this. While there are is still no news, I refuse to give up.
    Thank you again, We won't stop Until he is home!
    Friend of the Family

  2. Lisa, Thank you for your great post. Daniel would be 15 1/2 now and he shared many of Ian's interests. (Linux, Ubuntu, the internet, etc.) Daniel was also independent and loved the outdoors. If Daniel were here, he would no doubt be one of the people working to keep awareness of Ian's continued disappearance in the news. It simply makes sense for us to intermittently use our forum in this manner, just as we have for Jonny Dorey, who also remains missing, without satisfactory resolution.
    We will not stop either. Who knows, Daniel might be working in ways we do not yet know. Very best wishes.


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