Sunday, May 31, 2009

Francis S. Collins MD PhD

When I was an atheist and I decided to explore the rational underpinnings of belief in God, I expected to find none—and was astounded to discover that there are strong arguments from nature and philosophy that point to God’s existence.
             Francis S. Collins

I don't remember how much you recall about the Human Genome Project, but its director had been a physician and scientist named Francis S. Collins MD PhD.
The Human Genome Project completed in 2003, mapped 3 billion letters or pairs of the human genome, or a complete set of DNA in the body. As a result, we learned that all human beings are 99.6% genetically similar to each other. We learned to do 1000 new tests for genetic illnesses and 350 biotechnology products are in development as a result. This work has the potential to completely change the way we diagnose and treat disease on Earth.
Yes, Dr. Collins was the highly entertaining man who spoke, and sang at your sister's college graduation. We also found the song he sang at the graduation on YouTube.

I found a link that I think you might like to see


As you remember, Dr. Collins was a Virginia homeschooled student, like yourself, who went on to get a degree in Chemistry, and then became a physician and genetics researcher afterward. His undergraduate degree came from the University of Virginia as yours likely would have been.
Besides being a very well rounded person, what I like most about Dr. Collins, is how his learning of the complexities of human genetics lead him to a stronger and more dimensional faith in God. He has written a wonderful book called "The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief". He is a highly respected scientist and highly respected Christian. I was surprized that the university chose someone of this caliber to speak, since you know I consider them pretty ungodly most of the time.

I wanted you to know that there are very bright people here on Earth like yourself who came to know of God's greatness as well. Love to Papa L.
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  1. Alexandra - get ready for a long and probably boring comment.

    my mother is an excommunicated Jehovah's Witness, my father was an atheist, i was baptized by my parents into the Salvation Army in order for them to be able to lie about my birthdate and therefore get me into school early. i attended a very strict Catholic school from grade primary to the middle of grade three. i still have my catechism scribblers with fat Jesus' wearing bright red. i then went to public school while still attending Salvation Army Sunday School and Junior, and Senior Soldiers.

    i have been searching for God and for the truth for my whole life. of course this meant learning of the Torah, the Q'uran, Qabbalah, Sufism, Shamanism, etc. and science.

    nothing ever felt stronger than the spiritual connection that i have with God that is inside of me and cannot be explained. if saying out loud that you have a spiritual connection to God is blasphemous, then call me a heretic. but no one religion seemed to be right, nor the truth, so i don't ascribe to any particular faith. including science.

    science was always empty to me. until Dr. Collins and a few others like him, came along. i still don't think that "science" has a proper emotional understanding of gravity, the way that our ancient ancestors fully understood it. but i believe that it is trying.

    i don't even know what i am trying to tell you here. except that i think that some scientists are figuring out that there is way more to science than we currently believe. and i am hearing of more and more atheist scientists discovering God in the design of everything from ants to CME's. i think this is a good thing for all of us still down here on earth.

    from everything you have shared about Daniel, maybe this is something he already knows.

    your friend, kymber

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kymber. Yes, I think they already know these things. Sometimes, I cannot shift gears from being the parent who brought interesting things to "the child" and instead be the earthbound one, who is still learning, and who does not yet know all of the things that Daniel so clearly does, and possibly did while he was still here.


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