Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Daniel

The day before yesterday was Daniel's first birthday since his passing. He is now 13 years old, although I hear that in Heaven we are ageless and that he is closer to grown there. The day was busy. We have planned to have lunch as a family when everyone can be here Saturday, and have birthday cake. Yesterday was booked solid with driving school for one of our sons, and stops by from friends, as they anticipated it would be a difficult day.
Daniel, if you read this, we all miss you very much and hope you had a wonderful birthday with Papa Lawrence. We send our hugs and love. We are taking care of your animals and your things. We love to hear from you, in dreams or however you can do it.
I have added a short Sonic film on the occasion of Daniel's birthday. Although a great many of these were inappropriate and carried odd content, Daniel found these shorts very entertaining, and for private use, often modified these himself using computer code. This is a short found on Youtube.
Happy Birthday Daniel.


  1. happy birthday to Daniel

    from malaysia..


  2. Happy Birthday Daniel - that's an awesomely delicious-looking cake you got!

  3. He is a pretty good cook himself. When he was very small I used to ask him what he wanted to be as an adult, and he occasionally answered, "the head pastry chef !"

  4. ceee-rap! you just hit on a sore spot - i have never really been into sweets or baking. i am almost a little afraid of it.

    yo, Daniel - need some help over here, buddy!


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