Friday, May 1, 2009

The Waterhorse

Some time ago, Daniel and I were watching a movie together and in the trailers before the film there was an advertisement for a film nearing completion called "The Waterhorse". It seemed a charming film set in Scotland in WW2 with a young boy who discovers an egg which grows into a young waterhorse, or Loch Ness styled monster. Daniel wanted us to rent it. At some point, I bought it and last night I got the opportunity to watch it. On some level I feel as if Daniel watches the films he would have liked with me, and in that sense I feel closer to him.
The film starts in WW2 as Royal Navy officers inhabit a small Scottish coastal town. A young boy whose father is away at sea locates a peculiar rock which he brings home. The egg hatches and lots of drama begins. This was a difficult film for me because it touched upon death, a child who on some levels reminded me of Daniel, and I could not help but think how much Daniel would have enjoyed the film which was nicely made, well filmed and believe it or not, realistic. I cried as many tears as would fill a Loch. It is now 5 months and several days since Daniel's passing, and it will soon be his 13th birthday. How I have survived until now, I am not sure.


  1. ~if only i could time-travel~

    i have not seen this movie but i will try to find it. and i will think of you...and Daniel.

    your friend,

  2. Those were indeed dark days. I am glad those have passed.

  3. i am glad that they have passed too, dear one. i just only wish i could have been there to provide....something?


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