Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today my husband, our sons Matthew and Adam and I attended my daughter's graduation from college. Stephanie is graduating Magna cum Laude from one of the top art schools in the country as an illustrator and communications artist. She is also a significantly gifted photographer. For many reasons, this was a difficult day. First the travel to the location was difficult and the information as to where the university graduation was as opposed to the one from the art school was located. Stephanie attended both as I had asked, although I think she was frankly too tired and would have ditched it had I not implied that it was important to me. More than three thousand students graduated, some with Pharmacy doctorates, Nursing anesthesia doctorates, DDS, and MD degrees. The art graduates were quiet, whereas no major was as boisterous or as truly joyous as the nursing majors. I was tearful as I listened to the commencement speaker who is a top scientist who not only discussed science and great changes to come within the fields of medicine and bioinformatics, but he spoke of faith and of God, and how the more he learns of DNA and RNA that the more in awe of God he is. I thought this was a brave choice for a public university. Palpably missing from the ceremony for me was my father who has helped to finance some of my children's university educations, and of course Daniel. On looking back in the convention center, I noticed two chairs in back of me that were empty and stayed so throughout the ceremonies, #12 and #13. Perhaps they were both there after all. Congratulations Stephanie, you have been a joy to raise and to homeschool until college. I could not be more proud of you.


  1. ~i think that they were both there~

  2. I still cannot explain why the two chairs behind us, in an otherwise full coliseum were empty. Maybe they were there.

  3. modern science, mathematics, the human genone project and religion can only explain so much. the rest is left up to our hearts.


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