Thursday, May 28, 2009

The House Where Daniel was Born

Our daughter Stephanie, having just graduated from college has been going to job interviews. One of these interviews took her to the town about 100 miles from here, in which we lived, prior to moving out to the country and building the farms. Yesterday, after the interview, she stopped by our old house, and tried to take pictures without being seen.
Although I have a certain fondness for anywhere we have lived, I am not a greatly sentimental person with regard to houses. Home really is where you family is, and homes can grow and change as your family does. Still, this was the home we had when Daniel was born. He came home from the hospital to his beautiful bedroom. He learned to walk there. He spent lots of time in the beautiful back yard in a playpen as I sat there standing guard. He once fell into the small pond in the back yard while we were right there. Fortunately, he was fine.
We sold there in order to give our children opportunities to have horses, livestock, and a rural life, and we have done these things. They also had the opportunity to watch not one but two rural homes be built, and to help with the building of barns and other farm structures. Still looking at the picture of this house and remembering I wonder if staying there, being closer to the city and the opportunities it held, especially in a difficult economy, might not have been so bad.
I remember when it was time to move from this home to the new one, that we told Daniel, and as a tot he said, "We can't sell this house. It's too heavy !" We actually did keep this house for about two years, renting it, in the event that we chose to come back. I am really happy to have these pictures.

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