Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Still Those to Tell

It seems that no matter where we go, I still encounter people who do not yet know what happened. I travel periodically to another county where I buy certain supplies for the animals, and I stopped in at a new hardware store. While Matt and I were departing, a woman I've known for about eleven years was entering the store. We figure that we haven't seen one another in about a year and a half.
I caught her up with the news about Daniel, and she was shocked, and she told me about her own. Apparently, her eldest son lives in Florida, and one day she was driving to town to buy some supplies for a visit her sister was making to her home. She saw a cemetery and one of her eldest sons friends there, near dogwood trees that were all in bloom. She had a sense of foreboding. When she got home she was very tired and fell into a deep sleep. She was awakened from the deep sleep by her eldest son telling her in her head, that he had just been shot and had died. Shortly after that, her husband woke her to tell her that her son was dead. She sat right up and told him, "Yes, I know. He was shot. He was murdered." She believes she has heard from her son since. It is surprising how many families who have lost a loved one, have a story of post death communication. So many of these are so compelling.
She is presently raising her 12 year old granddaughter and was understandably distressed to hear that Daniel had passed away at only 12 1/2 without a known medical issue other than some food allergies.


  1. i truly believe that if anyone can deliver messages from Heaven, it is children.

    your friend,

  2. Yes. I believe that our loving God allows children, and adults to pass messages from time to time.

  3. i think they do it behind his back when he isn't looking....oops...does God read your blog? if so, can you delete this comment?

  4. Someone asked me some time ago, if God minded when my Dad or when Daniel sent a message. I believe that although the world is unfair, that God ultimately tries to be. I think God doesn't mind if anyone who has passed sends a small encouragement from time to time. Sometimes a favorite butterfly, a ladybug out of season, a dream with a loving message, etc. I think God is fine with encouragement, but doesn't like too much proprietary information flowing....and for that we have faith.


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